Real Estate and Permitting

Our staff knows that the real estate and permitting processes for telecommunications sites can be complicated. Eukon Group employs subject matter experts that are available throughout these processes to ensure that all stakeholders have firm understandings of the process from start to finish. Once a site is identified, Eukon Group negotiates conditions of the leasing agreement with the property owner. Our team will then work with the jurisdictions that the site falls within to make sure permits are issued in a timely matter and that all expectations are met.

Site Development

Eukon Group’s site development staff focuses on building positive relationships between property owners, our clients, and our staff. After finding sites that meet our client’s criteria, we work with the property owners to answer any questions and ensure a mutually beneficial agreement for the project. With an extensive portfolio of new sites, modifications to current sites, and small cell sites, our team is able to find the best locations for our client's sites.


Our small cell team includes specialists who have experience working with BSL, SCE, and JPA. These specialists work with our OSP team to make sure that all separation requirements needed are followed and that our leasing tasks are expedited as quickly as possible. We understand the importance of keeping up with timelines. Eukon Group also offers assistance with expediting permits.

Project Management

Our project managers are involved in all aspects of our projects. They are always available to answer questions, provide updates, and assist in any matters related to the project. Our managers are available throughout the process to work with key stakeholders from government officials to property owners to provide assistance, educate, and facilitate mutual agreements to ensure a smooth process. 


We have experience working with jurisdictions across Hawaii and southern California. We assist in educating city staff on small cells and Federal Communications Commission requirements, design city assets for small cell attachments, and permit projects through a variety of permitting processes.

Telecommunications Site Identification

We look for the ideal locations for our client's sites based on their needs. Once we find the location for the site, we work with property owners to finalize any details pertaining to use of the property. 

Jurisdictional Research

Each jurisdiction has different policies and regulations in place. Our team is committed to working with each jurisdiction to meet all requirements in a timely matter. 

Zoning, Land Use, & Entitlements

Making sure that projects meet zoning, land use ordinances, and entitlements can be complicated processes. Our team is experienced at making this a seamless process from start to finish through timely communication, collaboration with the involved stakeholders, and attention to detail.