About Eukon Group

Eukon Group got its start in the Wireless Telecom Industry. We saw the need and built a full Turnkey company by creating an A&E group, a Compliance group along with an already successful Site Acquisition group.  We are expanding into different industries which provide the same synergies.


Eukon Group has been in business since 1998.

We began with Construction Management and Compliance services to AT&T.

We added Site Acquisition, then A&E in 2010 which propelled us into the full turnkey organization we are today with a highly regarded reputable name in the Telecommunications industry.

We are committed to client satisfaction and excellence.

Our Leadership

Gina Pappas – President

Gina has worked in the wireless telecommunications industry for more than 30 years, spending much of her career in site acquisition, Gina quickly found success in her role leasing sites for Nextel across much of California. Gina is extremely passionate about her work and focused on successfully delivering for her clients and imparts this to each of Eukon Group’s employees.

Jeff Jacobs – Founding Partner

Jeff began his career more than 20 years ago working as a construction manager for Pacific Bell Mobile Services, which became AT&T and then Cingular Wireless. Jeff has construction management experience in both large civil engineering projects, as well as hundreds of smaller telecommunications projects throughout California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Hawaii. Through his background in geological sciences and environmental consulting, he has conducted Phase I and Phase II environmental services throughout the United States. Jeff lives on the island of Oahu in Hawaii and directly manages Eukon Group’s Hawaiian Island projects.

Chris Morse – V.P. of Operations

Chris began his telecommunications career with Pacific Bell and retired from AT&T Mobility after 26 years of service. He has excelled at developing and leading successful teams in network design, site acquisition, and construction, in both wireline and wireless. Chris enjoys being a proactive leader who builds a culture of accountability while delivering results.

Our Team

Our strength is our PEOPLE.

They put in the hard work and dedication to deliver for our clients. Made up of experts in their fields, they are persistent problem-solvers, out-of-the-box thinkers, and dedicated to our vision of providing unparallel services to our clients.

Anthony Acuna

Anthony Acuna
Utility Coordinator

Glenda Aguirre
Office Administrator

Gayane Akopyan
JPA Specialist

Deamber Anderton
Project Finance Manager

Bobby Ardakani

CAD  Drafter and A&E Fielder

Chris Aylia
Market Manager

Darren Benson
Utility Coordinator

Gailene Bigart
Sr. Construction Manager

Reid Biggs
OSP Lead

Rich Brunet
A&E Department Manager

Ernesto Cortez
A&E Lead

Greg Delman
Utilities Manager

Keith Dillard
Utility Coordinator

Alexis Hadley Dunlap
Site Acquisition Project Manager (IC)

David Elliott
Site Acquisition

Frankie Espinoza
A&E Project Manager

Katie Fox

Kaity Fox
A&E Coordinator

Allen Freeman
Utility Coordinator

Maria Garcia
CAD Drafter

Farnaz Ghahremani
A&E Project Manager

Lisa Grady
A&E and SAQ Lead Coordinator

Pedro Gonzalez
A&E Project Manager

Anthony Guzman
A&E Project Manager

Aaron Jones
Construction Services Manager

Laura Jones

Samantha Jones
Site Acquisition Project Manager

Madison LaScalza

Madison LaScalza
Site Acquisition

Nicole Lund
Compliance Project Manager

Bryan MacLean
Construction Manager

Grant Macy
Site Acquisition Project Manager

Monica McCauley
Site Acquisition Assistant

Michelle Meledy

Michelle Meledy
Compliance Analyst

John McDonald
Site Acquisition

Bardo Osorio
Site Acquisition Planner

Kathy O’Connor-Phelps
Site Acquisition Project Manager

Philline B. Pascoe

Frank Robles
CAD Drafter

Mary Lou Rocca
Site Acquisition

Almer Salao
CAD Drafter

Alessandro Scolastra
Site Acquisition

Paul Smolarski
Site Acquisition

Tina Swift
Project Finance Manager

Sonal Thakur
Site Acquisition Planner

Karen Tomita
HR Manager/CHRO

Ryan Walter
A&E Production Manager

Brian Whitcher
A&E Project Lead

Johnson Yap
CAD Drafter

Idolina Brunet
A&E Project Manager

Chris Lee
Civil Engineer

Eukon Group’s work revolves around connecting people and communities.
We play our part in public safety.