Acronyms Answers

ACM Asbestos Containing Materials
AGL Above Ground Level
AMSL Above Mean Sea Level
ARB Architectural Review Board
B&S Building & Safety
BAP Building Permit Application submitted
BOK Building Permit OK (building permit approved)
CAD Computer Aided Design
CDs Construction Drawings
CEQA California Environmental Quality Act
CMU Concrete Masonary Unit (type of wall)
CNTP Compliance Notice To Proceed
COAs Conditions of Approval
COW Cell on Wheels
CPUC California Public Utilities Commission
CUP Conditional Use Permit
DAS Distributed Antenna System (in-building coverage)
DRB Design Review Board
DSA Department of State Architects (approved telecom on School, hospitals)
EH&S Environmental Health & Safety
EME Electro-magnetic Energy
EMF Electro Magnetic Frequency
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FCC Federal Communications Commission
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency (Flood Plain)
FIRM Flood Insurance Rate Map
Form 620 SHPO consultation forms
FRP Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP screening)
GPS Global Positioning System
HVAC Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
HVF Height Verification Form
Jx Jurisdiction
LBP Lead Based Paint
LL Landlord (property owner)
ULL Underlying Landlord
MMP Meet Me Point
LOA Letter of Authorization
LOI Letter of Intent
LUP Land Use Permit
MLA Master License Agreement
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
NAHC Native American Heritage Commission
NEPA National Environmental Protection Act
NHPA National Historic Preservation Act
NSB New Site Build
OSHPD Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development
OTC Over the Counter
PAL Programatic Agreement Letter
PCC Plan Check Corrections
ESA Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
PO Purchase Order
POC Point of Connection
POR Purchase Order Request
RF Radio Frequency
RFDS Radio Frequency Data Sheet
RLs Redlines
ROW Right of Way
RRU Remote Radio Unit
RTI Ready to Issue
SA Structural Analysis
SAQ Site Acquisition
SARF Search Area Ring Form
SCIP Site Candidate Information Package
SHPO State Historic Preservation Officer
SLA Site License Agreement
SNDA Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreement
SOW Scope of Work
THPO Tribal Historic Preservation Officer
TI Tenant Improvement (room inside a building)
ZAP Zoning Application submitted (zoning submitted)
ZDs Zoning Drawings
ZOK Zoning OK (zoning approved)